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Blue Array was also awarded with various awards including European Agency Awards 2020 and Young Search Professional Of The Year 2019. In Business Since: 2015. Services Offered: SEO. CEO: Simon Schnieders. Notable Clients: Amazon, HuffPost, WolfBadger, Trussle, and Lexoo. Annual Revenue: $4 Million based on data from Zoominfo. Number of Employees: 11-50. Google Reviews: 5 Stars out of 3 Google reviews. Related: Free SEO Tools No Credit Card Needed. 27- Submerge Media. Business Name: Submerge Media. Address: 27 Old Gloucester St, Holborn, London WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom. Contact Details:, 0207 971 1493. Overview: Submerge Media is the best in terms of providing SEO services to websites. Submerge is based in London, the UK that has worked with various large brands. In Business Since: 2014. Services Offered: SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media.
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Local SEO Services. Expert SEO Consulting. Digital Marketing Services For Law Firms. We help law firms dominate their market. Ethical SEO Consulting is a law firm search engine optimization agency in Denver Colorado. We own brands such as Juris Digital and our mission is simple. To help law firms grow their practices. Since 2010 weve been helping our clients get more relevant website traffic and get more clients. We offer a range of services including in-person or over the phone SEO consulting, SEO Audits, SEO training, website design, development and optimization, and monthly SEO campaigns. Were not the right fit for every company, and thats ok. If we believe we can help you achieve your goals, well give you a straightforward assessment of how we plan to do so, and what it will cost. If we think youd be better off in someone elses hands, well happily refer you to an awesome SEO consultant who can best meet your needs.
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There are hundreds of entire courses, ebooks, membership sites, videos, blogs, groups, and all sorts of other stuff devoted strictly to this subject - it cant be taught in one post. Thats why you are looking for an SEO agency, so their experts can either teach this stuff to your team or do it for you. Im just giving a quick summary so you know what you dont know, and can make sure your prospective consultant does! Link Building - This is one of the most important parts of SEO, but there are some good ways to do it and a lot of horrible ways to do it. You need to know the difference and do it right. Few things, if any, can boost your rankings more than getting the right backlinks. And nothing can destroy your rankings and the future of your website or business faster than being penalized from using bad link building tactics.
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SEO consultants will recommend that you keep your Google information up to date and full of photos as these will help you perform well and give you a good ranking. Creating content that features location-specific keywords will be very beneficial here also as it will ensure that your site will feature when a member of the public looks for something that is local to them. Frequently Asked Questions. What Does An SEO Consultant Do? SEO consultants main responsibilities are understanding the needs and requirements of the client and. SEO consultants main responsibilities are understanding the needs and requirements of the client and devising a plan that will increase web traffic to the clients website.
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However, the main job of a consultant is to help optimise your website so it ranks higher in Google. If youre a SAB Service Area Business then targeting your local towns and cities is typically to the best route to go, this is referred to a local SEO. Its a lot easier to rank with local SEO as youre only competing with the sites in your local area. A great consultant will carry out throughout keyword search to ensure your page ranks for multiple variations of the same term. For Example, SEO consultants London is a different variant of SEO consulting London yet they both carry the same intent.
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The content and HTML coding of the website also play an important role in making it search engine friendly. All these factors need to be carefully considered by the SEO consultant. SEO consulting services UK firm also make use of ethical methods of online marketing, which includes link building, content management and blogging. This kind of service helps to improve the visibility of your site in the global market.
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Search Engine Optimization Services SEO Consulting. Award-winning SEO Services for Small Businesses to Large Organizations. Improve Website Search Engine Rankings Gain Pre-Qualified Leads. Are you looking for professional SEO services for your company? If youre a small business owner and want more targeted leads and sales, our affordable search engine optimization agency will help you achieve your company objectives. The Chicago based SEO consultants at Operation Technology have over 14 years of experience marketing websites via search engine optimization services to increase search engine visibility.

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